The Coaching software that can make you 10x efficient. 

CoachBots. The learning re-enforcement, mentoring and coaching co-pilot, simply the learning co-pilot...

Our coaches have served leading organizations

Coaching Software redefined.

CoachBots revolutionizes coaching software by introducing a unique approach that goes beyond traditional tools. Our platform leverages AI-driven simulations to enhance coaching experiences, fostering skill development through engaging conversational learning. Redefine coaching for a more dynamic and effective future.

Transforming the coaching experience

1. Continuous monitoring of coachee performance during interactive sessions.

2. Immediate feedback and actionable insights for real-time skill enhancement.

3. Data-driven coaching for impactful and efficient sessions.

1. Bridge theory and practice through engaging simulations.

2. High-fidelity scenarios that resonate with real-world challenges.

3. Enhance learning retention through experiential exercises.

Empowering Coaches

1. Seamlessly schedule practice sessions based on coachee availability, eliminating fixed time constraints.

2. Automate reminders for tasks and sessions, ensuring no important details are overlooked.

1. Detailed breakdowns of coaching fees and expenses.

2. Transparent financial reporting for both coaches and clients.

1. In-depth analysis of client interactions and engagement patterns.

2. Insights into the effectiveness of coaching sessions for continuous improvement.

Why work with us? 

Shaped by your needs

Deep data driven personalization and organizational context specific feedback.

Adoption Support

We invest side by side in platform adoption via multi touch points, deep personalization & engagement.

Performance based pricing

As dedicated performance platform, we walk the talk - license and programs with performance based pricing.

Start building a high-performing culture and grow key talent with Coachbots!


Products powered by GenAI, such as Coach Bot, has a huge potential in the realm of personal development. They serve as a very potent tool for L&D professionals, enabling them to efficiently enhance the skills of employees on a large scale, all while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

Dr. Rajiv Sinha
Head BE, Learning & Development | L&T


Coachbots enabled coaches helped our consultants to be more aware and ace the client conversations with ease. The depth and level of enablement provided in the pilot batch surpassed expectations.

Chandra Kanojjia
Digital Transformation Leader, Accenture


Coachbots is a early stage, stealth mode, AI first people development company led by ex-IIT techologists and L&D domain experts. At this point, we work with select enterprise clients to redefine people development. 

We believe that the most meaningful combination of human & AI can redefine the field of training and development. We are exploring the frontiers of human & machine interaction that could provide meaningful feedback & growth.

Whether you are a trainer, coach or technology leader looking to collaborate with us, please reach out - we would love to hear from you. Our aim is to build the most meaningful human & machine interaction, we could use all the help. You can contact us at 

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