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CoachBots. Unlock the secret edge for modern managers with CoachBots. Elevate leadership skills through dynamic and personalized learning experiences.

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Secret of High performing managers

We offer a curated selection, allowing new managers to choose real-world scenarios for skill enhancement. Tailored for diverse challenges, these scenarios provide practical insights and foster effective decision-making and problem solving, ensuring that managers excel in dynamic workplace situations.

Communication : Our curated library provides real-world scenarios, enabling interactive practice for effective communication. Elevate your managerial communication with tailored hands-on experiences.

Confidence : Practice real-world scenarios, enhancing decision-making skills in a risk-free environment. Tailored for diverse challenges, our hands-on experiences empower managers, ensuring they feel confident when dealing with real workplace situations.

Compassion : New managers engage in real-world situations where compassionate decision-making is key. Our curated content ensures hands-on learning, enabling managers to cultivate a compassionate approach that resonates in dynamic workplace scenarios.

How we help managers at workplace?

This curated library of scenarios enabling interactive practice provides hands-on learning in a risk-free environment. This hands-on experience, tailored to individual needs, accelerates their learning curve and equips them for the dynamic demands of managerial roles.

Our dynamic learning approach ensures knowledge retention, empowering managers to excel in their roles by applying hands-on experiences in a risk-free environment.

Our scenarios facilitate interactive practice, fostering hands-on learning. This personalized enablement accelerates managerial growth, equipping individuals for dynamic challenges. 

Dive into scenarios fostering empathy, adaptability, and effective communication ensuring you lead with resilience and insight in today's dynamic workplaces.

Why Choose us for Manager+ training?

Choose CoachBots for transformative learning experience. With us, it's not just about scenarios; it's about personalized, dynamic learning. Our platform uniquely tailors simulations, ensuring new managers gain practical insights and enhance decision-making skills in a risk-free environment. Elevate your managerial capabilities with hands-on experiences crafted for individual growth. 

Role based 

Our library has specific role based scenarios which ensures that managers engage in learning experiences tailored to their specific roles. This targeted approach allows them to focus on scenarios relevant to their responsibilities


Incorporating realistic scenarios from our library equips new managers with practical skills. This ensures managers gain applicable insights, fostering confidence and adaptability in their leadership roles.

Upgrade existing content

We complement the existing training materials by offering a dynamic library of real-world scenarios. This unique resource adds a practical dimension to traditional training, allowing users to apply knowledge in interactive simulations. 

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Products powered by GenAI, such as Coach Bot, has a huge potential in the realm of personal development. They serve as a very potent tool for L&D professionals, enabling them to efficiently enhance the skills of employees on a large scale, all while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

Dr. Rajiv Sinha
Head BE, Learning & Development | L&T


Coachbots enabled coaches helped our consultants to be more aware and ace the client conversations with ease. The depth and level of enablement provided in the pilot batch surpassed expectations.

Chandra Kanojjia
Digital Transformation Leader, Accenture


Coachbots is a early stage, stealth mode, AI first people development company led by ex-IIT techologists and L&D domain experts. At this point, we work with select enterprise clients to redefine people development. 

We believe that the most meaningful combination of human & AI can redefine the field of training and development. We are exploring the frontiers of human & machine interaction that could provide meaningful feedback & growth.

Whether you are a trainer, coach or technology leader looking to collaborate with us, please reach out - we would love to hear from you. Our aim is to build the most meaningful human & machine interaction, we could use all the help. You can contact us at 

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