Life like simulations and practice workbench

Real-time & curated simulations that power deep learning

#AI frames, role-plays and skilling journeys                                

#Feedback and skilling reports with real time simulations

Real time simulations for any content

Ability to use the simulations as a standalone or part of overall mentoring-coaching.

contextual simulations 

Curated or real time simulations as per needs

We curate simulations around various scenarios to offer a repository-like approach in addition to real time simulation creation based on various skills.

Multi format simulations

Role & skill based simulations with deep analysis reports.

Ability to access the simulations via audio or text. The simulations are also available as role plays and team meetings that can be accessed as needed. 


Skills benchmarking and feedback reports.

Our simulated scenarios have deep feedback reports that give the user an ability to analyze the ability to practice target skills. The feedback includes cultural context, mindmaps and rating on skill parameters.

Leader Speak

Products powered by GenAI, such as Coach Bot, has a huge potential in the realm of personal development. They serve as a very potent tool for L&D professionals, enabling them to efficiently enhance the skills of employees on a large scale, all while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

Head BE, Learning & Development, L&T

Coachbots enabled coaches helped our consultants to be more aware and ace the client conversations with ease. The depth and level of enablement provided in the pilot batch surpassed expectations. The ability to customize the scenarios was very effective. 

Digital Transformation Leader, Fidelity Investments

Mentoring with AI tools enhances learning by providing personalized guidance, fostering skill development, and promoting continuous improvement. These tools analyze user interactions, offer tailored feedback, and adapt to individual needs, ensuring effective and efficient mentorship.

Wadhwani Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this platform or service?

Our platform empowers internal leaders to take up coaching and mentoring. However we curate coaches and mentors who provide additional support when required. 

How is coaching & mentoring enabled via simulations?

The coaching & mentoring session notes are augmented by simulated scenarios which are contextual and provide a way for users to experience realistic situations.

How do you align to skills and competencies?

The simulated scenarios are created as per the developmental goals and the competencies set up by the organization. 

How coaching & mentoring conversations are handled?

Coaching & mentoring conversations are facilitated by AI Frames and Bots.

How are these AI conversations different from GPT bots?

These are highly specific contextual communications with detailed skills, culture and communication reports. 

Empowering modern workplace teams

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